Why Invest in a Nutrition Coach?

Because You deserve a personalized blueprint to feel and look Your best! I understand totally what it means to feel over tired, stress,  confused, frustrated, overweight and lacking confidence! See I was there not too long ago- overweight, overtired and over stressed! Thankfully, I managed to turn my life and health around and lost more than 35 kilos(78 pounds) by incorporating healthy food and lifestyle habits that are simple yet powerful! Tried and tested, these strategies can help you too achieve your weight and health goals! I’m so happy I get to share them with you! 

I will walk with you in your journey. I will work one-one with you to help you in making healthy behavior changes. I do so through one-one consults and a very effective and easy to follow lifestyle change guide. 

Your goals may be to:

  • Lose weight
  • Eat Better
  • Have more energy
  • Manage Stress
  • Positive mindset
  • Improve gut health and immunity
  • Reduce sugar and reset taste buds
  • Meal Prepping and Healthy Shopping strategies

Even if your goal is not listed above, we can still work together to customize a plan for you. Book a one-one consult with me and we can discuss a personalised strategy. 


My approach to lifestyle change is never one of deprivation and focusing on what you can’t eat. We will focus on the healthy abudance of what you can and making delicious recipes based on your plan! 

Through education, goal setting, behavior change and lifestyle coaching, I will provide guidance and tools to help you overcome your health and eating challenge!

My work will be to arm you with information and techniques to help you succeed.

Consider me your healthy eating side kick! 

 Ready to commit to better health and a better you?

Book a session with me!

I am available for one-one consults. Booking and payment are prior to the consultation. The charges are USD 120 or Ksh. 12,500 for the consultation. The consults comprise of a 1 hour session after which I will email you the strategies and recommendation as well as the lifestyle change coaching guide with a meal plan that is easy to follow along.