Eating Healthy at Home has never been easier

We believe the key to healthy eating in most Kenyan homes is a trained nanny or house keeper that knows how to cook healthy delicious meals from scratch.

The role our nannies play is just as important as ours

Our nannies spend a lot of time if not a majority of it with our children. But do they know what a healthy diet for kids looks like? Is she able to make healthy food choices from what is available at home? Is she equipped with the proper skills and experience to handle an emergency situation? Is the whole family tired of the same old meals and is in need of some meals inspiration?

How It works?

Our Culinary Nutrition Experts have carefully developed courses to empower the nannies with healthy cooking skills and child nutrition basics as well as the confidence to prepare delicious meals like a pro!

Step One

Pick the course/courses that you would like your nanny or caregiver to be trained in

Step Two

Secure the training by making payment and choosing the preferred date/dates for the training

Step Three

One of our representatives will reach out to confirm the booking dates and provide further details. You can also reach out to them directly via whatsapp at +254799215029

In need of a healthy eating plan for your family?

What we eat impacts us more than we may realise. A poorly balanced diet impacts our work performance, mood, stress, energy levels and can over time can contribute to developing certain illnesses and lifestyle diseases. We help nannies identify foods that can be used in healthy meals and daily menu planning.

Are you dealing with fussy eaters(little or not so little)?

Having to enforce healthy eating to young ones (and young ones at heart) can seem like an uphill battle. Luckily we have the tools, tips and tricks to make the transition smooth and fun for your young ones from weaning all the way to teens.

"I was so thrilled to see beloved MPK share the new offerings of "Home Chef". It is a challenge to figure out 21 family meals every week, plus healthy snacks for my 3 year old son. I made sure to book the 2 day "Healthy Family Meals" package as soon as I could, to be conducted in my home. Maggie one of the Home Chef trainers was a great trainer. Patient, knowledgeable & able to adapt. She was so great with my son & found ways to include him in parts of the training. Gratefully, it was an empowering & worthwhile investment for my homestead!
Jeli Wahito
Home Chef Client


Our courses are offered at the comfort of your home- a space which your nanny or caregiver is comfortable to work in. Price DOES NOT include ingredients used for the training.

Individual attention given during the training allows for specifics relating to your own kitchen to be explained and more time for her to ask questions as we go along. We will offer a certificate of completion after successfully completing the training. We will share an ingredient list at least 24 hours before the beginning of the course for you to purchase. The dishes prepared during the lesson are left for you and your family to enjoy! We charge an additional transport fee for homes outside a 8km radius from the CBD.

Healthy Kid's Snack Course

This one day course will teach your nanny the simple hacks and meal prep strategies to create the perfect snack box for school or work. Building a healthy snack box requires that all the important elements that give us sustained energy throughout the day are not missing! Meals demonstrated include Mozarella ham pizza (from scratch), Chocolate energy balls, cranberry chicken sandwich, sunshine smoothie, apple carrot muffins, scotch eggs and a bonus recipe: fruit skewers!

Ksh. 3,500

1 day course

Weaning, Feeding babies and Managing Fussy Eaters

Set your baby for a lifetime of healthy happy eating with this complete weaning and feeding babies course that covers first tastes to yummy toddler food. The course also cover basic child first aid for choking and other common hazards. Meals demonstrated include proper millet porrdige, apple cinnamon puree, thyme butternut puree, chicken veggie mash, creamy veggie pasta, sweet potato pancakes and so much more!

Ksh. 9,500

3 day course

Healthy family kid-approved meals and snacks, and meal planning

Discover a variety of kid approved healthy meals for family dinners, lunch and snacks as well as gain practical experience to meal plan and prepare. Recipes demonstrated include honey garlic chicken, meatball in veggie sauce, oat banana pancakes, homemade granola, sunshine smoothie and so much more!

Ksh. 6,500

2 Day Course

Healthy Cooking for Weight loss

Discover delicious ways to cook meals for any one on a low sugar diet or a weight loss journey, to help them reach their goal or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Pineapple chicken fajitas, oven baked fish with grilled vegetables, chicken lettuce wraps, pepper egg muffins, chocolate energy balls, tasty hummus plus much more!

Ksh. 6,500

2 Day Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we absolutely can help to tailor make the course content for you. This will come at an additional cost of Ksh. 3,500 per condition to insert information and recipes on the specific dietary needs. Please Whatsapp 0799215029 atleast 48 hours before the course date with your request. That said, the course content already provided in our standard material is very comprehensive and will cut across any one who needs a healthy diet 

We believe there is a huge advantage in offering the courses at the client’s home where the nanny or caregiver is already comfortable to work in. Individualised attention given allows for specifics relating to your own kitchen to be explained

Yes we offer a certificate of completion to the nanny or caregiver after successfully completing the full course training. The certificate is a wonderful credential that will increase the nannies or caregivers employability. 

The cost for the training is per person. We offer a 20% discount on a second person joining the same training. 

We share an ingredient list before the training for you to purchase the ingredients. All the food prepared will be left for you and your family to enjoy. Also for homes outside a 8km radius from CBD we charge an additional fee of Ksh. 500 per day for transport 

Yes we only work with locally available ingredients that can be easily accessed in the supermarkets or health stores. You will learn how to use the simplest ingredients to make delicious meals!

Yes recipes demonstrated will be emailed to you. Additionally you can also acquire a printed colorful copy of our family meal planner at only Ksh. 990/= per copy. 

Make healthy eating more delicious and more fun in your home!

Our training courses for nannies aims to make your life easier whilst giving you peace of mind and enriching your child's every day development. Empower your nanny, empower your family!