My Planted Kitchen Cookbook

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My Planted Kitchen Cookbook


A Clean eating start guide and cookbook for anyone looking to get healthier, lose weight and eat clean. All these while still enjoying what you are eating!


*Please note, this e-Book cannot be downloaded into a device, printed or shared.


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My Planted Kitchen is a kitchen counter must have for anyone looking to eat clean yet enjoy delicious tantalizing meals. This is not a diet- but rather it is a tool to help create a new mindset that embraces real whole foods that nourish you!

Inspired by fresh African ingredients, this book will take you through the best foods and methods for preparing easy exciting meals.

From moist pumpkin zucchini muffins, to chocolate super food energy balls to mouthwatering rabbit curry to garlic parmesan potato fries, you will find more than 70 recipes in an elegant accessible style in this signature cookbook. Full of vivid pictures and simple instructions, My Planted Kitchen provides a foundation
for a clean whole foods healthy diet, so you can look and feel great while enjoying great meals.


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