This would easily be one of my favorite most ridiculously easy recipes for me! I honestly love to keep things simple in the kitchen, and it does not get more simple than these!

Roasted veggies are always so handy to have in your fridge. You can have as is, as a side, as a sandwich filling, turn them into hummus, soup, stew…the possibilities are endless!

These roasted pumpkin make great ahead meals. I love to eat them fresh out of the oven- warm, crunchy and salty!  Yum! This recipe can also be used for butternut squash, sweet potato or nduma (arrowroot).

[lt_recipe name=”Roasted Pumpkin ” servings=”3-4″ prep_time=”5 MINS” cook_time=”40 MINS” total_time=”45 MINS” difficulty=”Moderate ” print=”yes” ingredients=”3-4 cups cubed raw pumpkins ;2 tablesooin olive oil;salt and pepper to taste ” ]Peel and core the pumpkin and cut into cubes. Place cubes in a parchment lined baking sheet ;Drizzle the olive oil on the cubes and add some salt and pepper. Massage with your hands all the oil and seasoning to make sure all the pumpkin pieces are coated.;Roast the cubes for about 40 minutes. Turn about halfway through to ensure outerlayer consistency[/lt_recipe]

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