Taking the Culinary Nutrition Expert program (CNE) from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition was one of the best decision I have ever made for my health, family and business! It was intense, enlightening, challenging and enjoyable all at the same time! The 14 weeks for the course were a whirlwind- I gave in my 110% to pass the course and get my certification (with honors! Yeay!).

The CNE program was started by the amazing  Meghan Telpner! Meghan is the nutritionist (nutritionista as she likes to call herself!)  who founded the Academy of Culinary Nutrition as well as the author behind both Undiet and the follow up cookbook The Undiet Cookbook!  I love her book Undiet and I am currently reading it for the third time! It contains such amazing nuggets of wisdom when it comes to nutrition and her advice is very practical.

I wanted to share with you all about my experience, my thoughts, and my ‘reflection’ on the CNE Program. After my weightloss journey, I wanted to learn as much as I can on a sustainable way of living healthy. I knew that I wanted to take a nutrition course but needed the practical part of creating delicious healthy food. There was however a lack in education around this where culinary skills and nutrition merge perfectly. I stumbled upon the Academy of Culinary Nutrition after doing extensive research online. I read it and instantly knew this was it!

The course fee was around $2800 and this seemed reasonable considering the course content, and that other courses offering culinary nutrition were extremely expensive (about 30,000 USD+/year), and would require you to study full time. Nonetheless, I had to dig in to our savings to cover the fee.

The program is a 14 week long program that includes weekly live classes, new modules, amazing recipes, and awesome culinary nutrition knowledge! The CNE modules include many topics such as Healing Diets, Liquid Nutrition, Fueling With Whole Foods, and oh so much more! Each module has several videos that are informative, filled with awesome knowledge & information as well as fun to watch!


Typical week while doing the culinary nutrition course

  • Weekly reading assignments from UnDiet
  • Weekly live 1 – 1.5 hour classes with Meghan and frequent guest experts (recorded in case you can’t make the live class)
  • 1 recipe assignment/week (usually 2-3 recipes) with photos and a write-up
  • 1 written assignment (for instance designing meal plans around certain conditions, food philosophy, run through of a cooking workshop or class etc)
  • A weekly pre-recorded video workshop (ranging from 1.5 to 4+ hours) with handouts and a quiz
  • Home study to be completed by the end of the program, with 3 books to read and review, 3 films to watch and review, and 2 events to attend and review
  • At the tail end a Biz Rocking session and a Make It Happen goal-achievement workshop (both online and recorded if you’re not able to make the live workshops).

Its quite intense and compact, but with proper time management its absolutely do-able. And the great thing is that we had amazing coaches to support us as well as a peer and alumni community for sharing and learning from each other. The key to managing the crazy schedule was planning ahead. A really important habit to cultivate when leading a healthy lifestyle and running a business.

My favorite module of the entire course was the baking and sweet treats module. I am such a sweet tooth and you can imagine how ecstatic I was to learn that I did not have to miss out on cookies and chocolate just because I am eating healthy. We learnt how to make healthy versions of our favorite sweet treats! I learnt all about the gluten free flours and healthy sweeteners, how to make your own chocolate without nasty chemicals and how to make an absolutely delicious dairy free ice cream! No deprivation in the Undiet lifestyle!

I would absolutely totally recommend this program to anyone who would love to make a healthy lifestyle change, learn how to cook healthy, would love to pass on knowledge through classes and workshops or is a nutrition practitioner or enthusiast! If you are looking to learn more about the power of real food and the healing properties of nutrient dense whole foods then I really suggest looking into this program!

So if this program interests you or you’re simply just curious give it a look here and watch some of MeghanTV to get inspired through Meghan’s positive, bright, contagious spirit and passion for real food and culinary nutrition.

I took the Certified Professional level that is different from the honorary level. The honorary does not have any due dates or assignments obligation but you will still participates in the weekly class modules, live session and reading. I recommend the honorary level for someone who is strapped for time – a busy mom or working mom or professional not looking to pursue a certified level or can not afford the difference financially. The great thing is that you can still upgrade even in the middle of the course and pay the additional difference to get the certified level.

I am so grateful to Meghan and the team and the awesome CNE grads class of 2018 who made the learning experience absolutely wonderful!


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