I discovered a new vegetable yesterday that got me quite excited. New to me but this vegetable has been around forever. It looks like a thorny cucumber courgette type of veggie or an oversize Okra. Recently saw it being charred or pickled in one of the cooking shows but I honestly never paid attention. They called it Ridge gourd but it is also  known as Chinese Okra. Locally its called Turia.

Photo from IndiaMart

Anyway, I bought this veggie yesterday with no clue what to do with it but excited to try this interesting vegetable. So for me trying it raw in a juice seemed like the sure way to try it. Turia is a wonderfully nutritious vegetable. Its got quite a tough and ridged (hence the name) exterior. The insides are soft and slimy. Its commonly used in Asian and indian cooking and is acclaimed to help heal many conditions.

I did a little bit of research and learned its absolutely incredible to help the body detox especially the liver. It also has very little calories and is packed with fiber which is great for weightloss. High in vitamin C, this veggie is also very alkanizing which is great at keeping diseases at bay. Another great properties is that it contains insulin like peptides that lowers and balances blood sugar.  Best of all, it contains anti inflammatory properties thus helping with cardio vascular diseases, strokes and cancer.

You can bet I am convinced I will be adding this strange but mighty veggie into my recipes in the future. For now enjoy this fresh pressed juice recipe that is flavorful and packs a punch in nutrition!





[lt_recipe name=”Turia Cleansing Juice ” servings=”1″ prep_time=”10 MINS” cook_time=”5 MINS” total_time=”15 MINS” difficulty=”Easy” summary=”You will require a juicer for this recipe.” print=”yes” ingredients=”1 large Turia ;4 carrots ;3 inch fresh ginger ;1 large lemon, peel on ;1 cucumber ;1 apple ” ]Wash and chop the vegetables into sizes that can fit into the juicer. Press the juice and serve immediately. [/lt_recipe]

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